Trapit for iPad aims to fix mobile browsing with artificial intelligence

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

Trapit for iPad

Browsing is flawed — on the Web, but even more so on mobile. That’s the message Trapit co-founder Hank Nothhaft conveyed to me as he demoed his solution to the problem: a Trapit iPad application that uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized content.

Trapit is the two-year-old, venture-backed intelligent discovery engine that hails from CALO, the same DARPA-commissioned artificial-intelligence project that birthed Apple’s Siri. The company’s eight-month-old product serves up nearly 5 million content recommendations a day from 120,000 human-vetted sources to consumers who use the tool to find fresh news, videos, articles, recipes, and images on the topics that interest them most.

“Here we want to bring the Web to the user and make it really seamless to browse,” Nothhaft said, highlighting the limitations of browsers and a search-and-seek approach to finding content on mobile. “We do that with a topic-based, personalized approach.”

Trapit for iPad fetches content for…

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